Songs and more Songs

Listening to more music, editing the list. Hoping to have a few solid ideas down for Monday. The main artists/ bands that are floating around at the moment include: Zenith Patrol (Thomas Pridgen), Mahavishnu Orchestra / Billy Cobham, Frank Zappa (Various),  Dennis Chambers, Joshua Redman Band (Brian Blade), Tower Of Power (David Garibaldi) and the other regulars- Gadd, Colaiuta, Weckl, Bozzio etc. I didn’t appreciate how hard it would be to focus and really narrow it down to a few songs which will display a good few drum techniques. I also want to branch out, having a look at some new styles; especially Jazz. I’ll see my new drum tutor on Tuesday, so I’ll pull both of our ideas together to try and work out the best course of action. On a separate note, one thing I do know..I’d love to give Zappa’s ‘The Black Page 2 Drum Solo’ a good go, but that might have to wait for the second or last recital. Having seen the music (see below) and listened to it a good few times, I don’t think it’s going to be a 5 minute job…

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