Hi, I’m Ash Turner. I’m a UK (Chester/North West) based Drummer / Percussionist & Musician, available for shows and sessions. I perform in various cover and original outfits, also keeping busy with a lot of freelance dep work and recording sessions. I’m versatile with and enjoy playing in many styles of music and work well with music notation and charts – examples of my notation can be found on my transcriptions page. Airplay credits (recorded & live sessions) include SKY Television, BBC Radio 6Music, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Merseyside, Amazing Radio, Radio Clwyd and more.


I got into music at the age of 7 when took piano and keyboard lessons, soon followed by guitar. I then began to play drums in my early teen years and developed a true passion for all things rhythmical. By my late teens, I had gained a lot of experience performing and touring (nationally and internationally) and teaching many students with varying degrees of ability.

I moved to the North West of England when I was 18 to complete an Undergraduate and then a Master’s Degree in Music at University of Chester. During this time I developed my technical ability and gained a lot of recording and playing experience.

Below you will find various recordings, videos and transcriptions I’ve put together, along with a blog I started as part of my Master’s Degree to log and track some of my thoughts and findings.

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