A Few Thoughts

Ended the day as I began, only this time, listening to Frank Zappa. Listened to some rediculously difficult songs, and some rediculously funny ones too. Probably not the best thing before bed. I’ve listened to a lot of music today in the search for recital material and found myself asking the same questions; ‘what is tough enough to play’, ‘what is right / wrong’. I don’t know the answer, but the one I’ve penciled in for the moment is ‘a song, somewhere between what is academically expected and fun to play’. I have no doubt this will change or be ammended, but for now it gives me a path to work along.

Also.. just when you thought you’ve encountered most types of music, the internet will then throw something like this out there. Whilst searching around for some Zappa, I came across this Jazz-Metal band called ‘Panzerballet’. Here is a track by them called ‘Jadoo’.

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