First Lesson

Yesterday was my first lesson with my new drum tutor Bryan. It was straight to business- spent some time addressing my technique, running some exercises, grooves and just having some general drum talk. It felt great to be taught by another drummer and I really picked up a lot just from that first lesson. I’ve come away with plenty of things to practice, and I’m looking forward to the next lesson. Hopefully the motorway won’t be so bad on the way back next time… 2 ½ hours to get from Manchester to Chester! As we progress throughout the year I’m sure I’ll be able to see the difference in my playing, approach to drumming and music in general.

Also here is a list of songs I came up with, which consist of possible recital ideas and just some general drumming influences:

I’m hoping to throw some technical songs in for a challenge and fun, but I’d also like to focus on some groove orientated tracks. It’s not about the amount of notes that are played, It’s about how they are played I guess. All in all, a busy couple of days really, with work, lessons and recitals. Don’t think I’d have it any other way though!

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