Recital 2 – The Shortlist

After listening to lots and lots of music, here’s the short list. I’ve tried to get a bit of variety in the mix, and I’m looking to try and incorporate some Latin and World grooves in this recital. The set is going to be 45 mins in length this time, so I’d say between 7 – 9, depending on song length. I’ll learn one or two extra in case the set is too short or a song isn’t working.  Again, I have no doubt that this list will change in parts over the coming weeks.

15/02/12 – EDIT: Still choosing songs. I’ve decided to put an ‘*‘ next to the songs that, for the moment, are ‘in’.

17/02/12 – EDIT: Still choosing songs. Almost done now, I can see a set starting to take shape. I’ve listed the songs into a few different columns now and added rough times.

08/03/12 –  EDIT: Still choosing songs – Can see the light at the end of the tunnel now..

Songs in for the moment

The ‘Maybes’
Other thoughts and ideas

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