Night Splash

CAB – ‘Night Splash’

‘Night Splash’ was one of my favourites. It is a very technical track – odd time signatures, odd rhythms and some of Dennis Chamber’s signature ghost-note-fusion drum grooves. This was a real test for us as a band in rehearsal and we had to start it at a very slow speed. As the rehearsals progressed, we would gradually take the tempo up until we got it at the correct speed and in time. We would spend time just running the head section over, and then we would just run the alternating solo sections over. We would sometimes spend 15-20 minutes, just soloing for four bars each, which was exhausting, but did bring some really creative ideas to the table. This kind of rehearsing allowed us to get to grips with the way we all improvised and exited solo sections. It did help us switch off and try and just improvise. I found that after so many cycles, you are constantly thinking ‘I’ve got 12 bars to think; what am I going to do next?’. It was quite interesting, as for me I found that once I thought that I had exhausted my ideas, I would land in the solo section and just have to play whatever came to mind. Occasionally I would end up playing certain safety fills and licks that we all have to get out of trouble, but on other times I felt as close to truly improvising as I ever have done. The fact that we had all been rehearsing together for a good while also helped a great deal, as we were all less worried about making mistakes in front of each other and more interested in generating some musical ideas. There were so many benefits to learning and rehearsing ‘Night Splash’, and it is only looking back now that I can truly appreciate what we had done. When we played the track on the night, I felt that I was able to communicate the ideas that I wanted to, the head and grooves I felt were tight and sat well so I was very pleased.

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