Big Sur Moon, Whitewash, Crosswinds

Buckethead – ‘Big Sur Moon’ / ‘Whitewash’ / Billy Cobham – ‘Crosswinds’

This trio all started separately; there was never an initial intent to segue all three. ‘Big Sur Moon’ was a solo guitar track and it made sense that the mellow ending could fold into ‘Whitewash’. As for the ‘Whitewash’ to ‘Crosswinds’ segue, the two have the same drum and bass guitar groove, and are both in the same key. Throughout the three, I was keen to hold a solid groove and keep the tempo together. Throughout ‘Whitewash’ and ‘Crosswinds’, I was consciously watching each solo to raise and lower the dynamic with the solo where appropriate. By the time we got to ‘Crosswinds’, I tried to emulate the same solid groove that Billy Cobham does on the original. Even when the volume drops, the groove is still solid and unmoved. In preparation for this track, I listened to a lot of Cobham’s other songs, along with his work with Mahavishnu Orchestra and at the end of the track, I began to incorporate some of those fast signature Billy Cobham fills.

[Update – 14/10/12]

I really enjoyed performing this trio live on the night. I found that in the bass solo in ‘Crosswinds’, Oscar started using a delay pedal, creating some really great effects. I knew immediately that I had to keep the timing of that groove spot on; otherwise it could potentially fall apart. We began to push out in that solo bringing in ideas and influences from other Cobham and Mahavishnu Orchestra tracks.

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