Matias Damato Band – ‘Tuken’

‘Tuken’ did not seem like too much of a challenge initially, but once we had the structure down the work then really began on the intricacies and nuances of the song. We decided to perform this track for a number of different reasons, but there were a few specific techniques that I was eager to demonstrate myself within the drum part. The feel of the song I found very interesting, and this is what drew me in initially.

  • The song has a ‘straight’ feel, however it has a slight funky bounce to it, at times implying triplets at times. I found that it can be tough at times gauging exactly where a groove falls between ‘straight’ and ‘swung’ feel. Too much either way and the song looses that funky feel.
  • There are quite a few sudden dynamic changes. We rehearsed dropping and raising the dynamics without disturbing the tempo, which was quite tricky. Throughout the rehearsals, as soon as we would hit the quiet sections, I could feel us all wanting to pull the tempo down.
  • Throughout the verse there are number of ‘pushes’ and ‘stabs’ which took a lot of rehearsing. These ‘stabs’ almost always fall on a 16th note before or after the beat, so to get them sounding good and precise we all had to really be on the ball.

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