Earth Wind and Fire – ‘Getaway’ (Andrew Gouche version)

‘Getaway’ kicks in with some odd off beat pushes, and for the most part consists of a 4/4 funk groove. This track has an odd structure; the head consisting of uneven bar numbers and the odd 2/4 bar here and there. The jam section was tricky in this one, as it went over a strange chord progression:

[Fm9 /// | Bbm9 ///| Fm9 / Bbm9 /| Dbm9 ///]

There is a push on the last 16th note before each chord too which made for some interesting rhythmic fills. The only downside to this is that as a drummer, these 16th anticipations often lead to you finishing a fill on the opposite hand than usual. This isn’t usually a problem but can get tricky when doing other rhythms such as triplets across different drums. The improvised sections were inspired a lot by the original track, which leans into a number of different genres, including fusion, funk, gospel and RnB. We spent a lot of time just jamming over ideas and a lot of the ideas we improvised in rehearsals became themes that we used for the final performance.

I thought the live performance of the track went well overall, and I focused on locking my kick drum in with the bass line. The groove is very punchy, and through rehearsals we found that keeping the kick drum and bass guitar linked tightly was the key to this. During the live performance, I think on the whole it went well. The solos built nicely, however there was a technical problem with Phil’s guitar amp which threw us off with some of the themes linking to other sections, but we managed to get through.



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