Gradual Progress

So with a month to go until the next recital I decided to stand back, have a look at my progress and work out what’s left to do:.

Songs choices made and bands picked (99%). Songs all transcribed, venues are booked (28th & 29th May 2012) and I’ve almost got all of my own parts down (..which is always handy..) Next steps, get the bands together for a couple of rehearsals, to make sure all of the parts fit together nicely and polish it up. That, and also promotion of the actual event! The Mechanics of Music module is also looming over, due in around the same time as the recital. Half way through the course and I’ve had a few different thoughts. No regrets at all, but I can imagine how much more time I would have to devote to the course if I wasn’t working alongside the MA. It’s one of those vicious circles though; work to fund course – work gets in way of course. Ah well! still enjoying every minute of it so that’s always a good thing, even if I have shaved a few years off my life with the stress!

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