Research Methods

I have finished my research essay and portfolio and should hand it in at some point today. I think the module has been an eye opener. I’ve learnt that research is an ongoing process. Once you think you have answered your question, you find that you have inadvertently asked yourself another! When writing the essay especially, I found myself backtracking, challenging what I had initially written – which is great when you’re exploring ideas and thinking, but not when you are trying to write an essay! I got there in the end though. The portfolio was a great help too, especially in terms of helping me get into a more academic frame of mind.  This was great for me as I returned to study after taking a year out to fund the course.

So what have I learnt and understood about research? As Allan Owens said to us, it is a “systematic enquiry”. I’ve always been fascinated by performance and especially music, and I think this module has extended my skill set – enabling me to investigate economically and research properly. I think research is something which carries beyond this module, and even beyond my study. As long as the desire is there to learn, to investigate and to improve my understanding, then research will have a prominent role to play.

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