Lesson Two

Yesterday was my second drum lesson with Bryan, and I can feel my playing improving. We touched upon the ideas from the previous week and also focussed on some new exercises to work on my stick technique and independence. Below are a few examples of ideas that we were working on. I didn’t have much trouble playing those ideas straight off, but the focus was on applying correct technique and stick control throughout.

There were many variations of the examples, moving accents, changing bass drum patterns etc. The final bar is a groove we worked on, with the hi hat accents creating a bossa feel.

For the research methods module this week, we had a task of using an archive and posting our experiences. I used JSTOR which is an academic resource, containing journals and articles. You can read my thoughts on JSTOR in the Word document here: JSTOR.

Other than that, I’ve been trying to recover from a cold. Currently listening to Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers – “Moaning”, Art Blakey & Theolonious Monk and Miles Davis – “Kind Of Blue”.

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